Riverdale Season 1 Episode 8 ‘The Outsiders” Predictions: Polly Finds Refuge with Veronica While Jason Blossom’s Killer Remains on the Lose

The first half of Riverdale Season 1 was indeed a surprising take on the comic series Archie. The engaging and intriguing story on Riverdale keeps surprising viewers as it uncovers dark secrets from the past that might have managed to linger in the present time – leading to the mysterious death of Jason Blossom.

So, what are the things that we have learned so far?

Archie is not just your typical jock in this series. He sings, he’s on the football team, he has a hot body and has a thing for music teachers and pianists. We also learned that his friendship with Jughead is deeper than what the initial episodes of the series managed to imply and he never had a thing with Betty. Now that details about his father, Fred Andrews and Jughead’s dad, FP are resurfacing, we might expect to see Archie digging deeper into the past and maybe finding Jason Blossom’s jacket inside FP’s wardrobe. Or maybe, he might discover it together with Jughead.

FP Jones is another interesting character to watch out for in the next half of Season 1 of Riverdale. He’s making deals and sending slithering gifts to Hermione Lodge, head of the Southside Serpent Gang, probably the one who burned Jason Blossom’s car with all the weed and evidence inside, who also just happen to keep Jason Blossom’s jacket in his closet. He might not be Jason’s killer but he’s presumed to be involved in something big and dangerous, something that would, fortunately, unravel in Riverdale’s Season 1 Episodes 8.

Betty and Polly finds an ally in Hermione and Veronica, who willingly took in a pregnant and confused Polly. Of course, we can all expect that Polly is not safe in the Lodge’s care with the Blossom’s family, all rich, powerful and scheming on how to get their hands on Jason’s baby.

Cheryl Blossom’s character is something to look forward as well in Episode 8 of Riverdale. Her characters have been very two-sided in the first half of the series. The idea of her being Jason Blossom’s murderer is still there since her character seemed to be barely opened and quite unsuspecting.

Jughead’s character is surprisingly as interesting as the rest of the characters in the series. He’s intuitive and his mind works differently compared to others. I am guessing will find him in the next half torn between his father FP and his friends. Whether it’s Jason Blossom’s murder or having the Southside Serpent’s head as his Dad, FP’s bound to make a big mistake in Riverdale Season 1’s second half that will push Jughead to make tough choices.

Netflix’s original series Riverdale Season 1 Episode 8 ‘The Outsiders” returns on March 31, 2017.

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