Republican Withdraws GOP Health Bill, ObamaCare Health Care Program Prevails

After weeks of grueling discussions, articles written and contradicting views expressed in mainstream media, the Republican Health Care Bill has been abruptly pulled out from the House floor last Friday, March 24. Minutes away from the actual vote, Speaker Paul Ryan withdraws the bill, with President Donald Trump’s blessings to review and re-access the GOP […]

Riverdale Season 1 Episode 8 ‘The Outsiders” Predictions: Polly Finds Refuge with Veronica While Jason Blossom’s Killer Remains on the Lose

The first half of Riverdale Season 1 was indeed a surprising take on the comic series Archie. The engaging and intriguing story on Riverdale keeps surprising viewers as it uncovers dark secrets from the past that might have managed to linger in the present time – leading to the mysterious death of Jason Blossom. So, […]